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We're starting small with our Design Team - just the two founders whilst we build up the challenge and get all you fanatics joining us.  Once we're established we'll be looking for regular players to join us so keep an eye out for a DT call in the future....

In the meantime we thought we should introduce ourselves (and our Waltzingmouse stash!) and tell you all a little about us in case you haven't met us in blogland yet:

I've been a crafter all my life really - never more pleased with a present than if it was new pens and paper!  I've turned my hand to jewellery making, pottery, cross-stitch, patchwork, millinery, quilling, felting - you name it - I've pretty much got the kit for it somewhere in the attic......   However, in 2009 I discovered QVC's crafting hours and bought a card making kit as I liked to make cards as a child and I made my first adult card and I was hooked!   When I discovered blogging and card making challenges in 2010 I found an outlet for my creativity and think I have finally found my forever hobby ;-)

I found Waltzingmouse Stamps in 2010 when looking for stamps to match the nestabilities I'd bought at my first ever craft show and I bought Rescue Remedies, Vintage Ornaments and Holiday Labels and totally fell in love with all of Claire's fabulous stamps and I've been adding to my collection with every release since!  (Just please don't ask me to pick a favourite - it's just too hard!)

When Deborah and I met this summer for the first time in person, we naturally chatted about our shared love of Waltzingmouse and about how much we missed the weekly challenge and decided that we should have our own "fans" challenge - so after a few emails and getting Claire's agreement to go ahead - here we are :-)

I can't wait to get the challenge going and see the shared love of Waltzingmouse from all the other fans out there!

Deborah - from Deborah's Gems

I’ve been crafting in some form since I was child - starting with mini books and cards to family.  Then as I got older moving to embroidery, counted cross-stitching; I even tried my hand at crochet and knitting - not good!!  I’ve always taken photos and made scrapbooks to keep for memories, but they aren’t like the wonderful albums you can make now!!  I got hooked into card making after getting a handmade Christmas card; I started in a small way and now have a whole room for my crafting goodies. 
I first came across Claire Brennan’s stamps in about mid 2010 (just before I started my blog) and I fell in love with her style and designs.  A quick review of my galleries over the last few years reveal just how often I use Waltzingmouse Stamps!!!  While on holiday in the UK in July, I met up with Tara and we chatted out about love of WMS, so you can imagine just how thrilled I was to get an email inviting me to join her on a new challenge for all Waltzingmouse Fans! 
I think my all time favourite set is Free Spirit Boy - you can see the ink stains in the photo!!!  But it’s a hard choice.  Have fun with the challenge!

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  1. Congratulations to you !! so good to see there is a waltzingmouse challenge again!! Picking up crafting again so Count me in as a regular player !!


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